LipSense diamond collection color
LipSense diamond collection color
LipSense diamond collection color
LipSense diamond collection color
LipSense diamond collection color

LipSense diamond collection color

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The premier product for SeneGence is patented LipSense® Liquid Lip Color. LipSense is an amazing departure from conventional lipsticks and lip and comes in a wide variety of shades and textures; Frosts, Mattes and Shimmers.


  • Waterproof and does not kiss off, smear off, rub off or budge off!
  • Does not dry out your lips – it works to restore the moisture content
  • Color lasts anywhere between 4 and 18 hours
  • Create your own color palette by combining shades

It's recommended to purchase LipSense as a set (A LipSense Color, Gloss and an Ooops! Remover). We also offer a moisturizing Lip Balm to wear at bedtime or when you're not wearing a LipSense color.

How to apply LipSense: 

Layering LipSense:

Layering LipSense is a must due to the fact the color breaks down with the pH balance of the skin.

  • 1st layer: touches the skin’s pH and will begin to break down first and fastest
  • 2nd layer: protected from the bottom, away from the skin’s pH, by the first layer
  • 3rd layer: protects the second layer from the top down and prevents sheering of the second layer of color by keeping away friction, saliva and the natural environment. The third layer breaks down just like the first layer, but from the top down. The second layer is sandwiched between the first and third and is protected by both for the longest period of use.


It is important to know the long-lasting properties of LipSense are enhanced by any of the LipSense moisturizing glosses. The gloss products also help to keep the lips moist and plump.

The science behind the product

LipSense is a non-wax liquid lip color that stays on your skin. LipSense provides a natural shield from the sun. The proprietary formulations and color pigments in LipSense help create a mechanical covering for the lips. That means the skin on your lips are protected from the sun’s rays by the color pigments, therefore your lips are more protected from harmful rays. That is just one of the reasons your lips become so smooth and soft with consistent use of LipSense.

The patented formulation technology includes Cosmetic grade Denatured Alcohol, which is nothing close to Isopropyl Alcohol–or rubbing alcohol. In fact, you need Denatured Alcohol to apply LipSense to lips. While rubbing alcohol instantly removes LipSense from the skin. We do not recommend the use of rubbing alcohol on the skin because it dries it out. LipSense is formulated with Denatured Alcohol because:

  • It is thinner than water and suspends the tiny particles within the formula.
  • It immediately evaporates from the skin upon the delivery of the technology to the skin. (The “tingling” sensation felt on the lips, when some wearers first begin to use the color, is the evaporation process of the Denatured Alcohol felt within the dry cracks of the lips. This sensation disappears as lower layers of skin’s moisture content are restored by the use of the moisturizing gloss.)

Color Pigments: Each tube of color has a varied formulation and mixture of color pigments to arrive at a specific color. Some colors naturally last longer than others because of the different body chemistry of each wearer. Plus, some colors are thicker or richer in color pigmentations, while others are sheer and thinner. 

Benefits of key ingredients:

  • Denatured Alcohol: used as a delivery system for the color technology; creates a germ and bacteria-free environment
  • Paeonia Suffruticosa Root (Tree Peony) Extract: a natural calming plum flower herb
  • Hypericum Perforatum (St. John’s Wort) Extract: also known as St John’s Wort, a natural herb used to elavate mood and treat depressions
  • Tilia Cordata (Linden) Flower Extract: a natural flower extract rich in flavonoids and a powerful anti-oxidant
  • Isodonis Japonicus Extract: Fragrant plant extract that contains terpenes, shown to have medicinal properties to soothe skin
  • Mica: an earth mineral used to give products sparkle and shine
  • Titanium Dioxide: an inert earth mineral used as a thickening ingredient and sunscreen in cosmetics. It protects skin from UVA and UVB radiation and is considered to have no risk of skin irritation.

Just as important as what IS in LipSense, is what IS NOT! LipSense is formulated with no wax, lead or animal by-products.


Alcohol Denat, Acrylates/Octylacrylamide Copolymer, Isostearyl Alcohol, Silica, PPG-20 Methly Glucose Ether, Parfum, Hydroxypropylcellulose, Butylene Glycol, Aqua, Isodonis Japonicus Leaf/Stalk Extract, Hypericum Perforatum (St. John's Wort) Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract, Paeonia Suffruticosa (Tree Peony) Extract, Tilia Cordata (Linden) Extract, Citronellol, Limonene +/- may contain : CI 77163, CI 77891, CI 77499, CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 45410, CI 17200, CI 15850, CI 19140, CI 42090, CI 45370, CI 77007

Ordering LipSense Color:

Unfortunately, the parent company of LipSense (SeneGence) does not allow online transactions. However, we have stock of any color that does not show as "sold out" when selected. Please call (320-219-7880) to place your order and we will get it shipped to you as soon as possible.

LipSense diamond collection color
LipSense diamond collection color
LipSense diamond collection color
LipSense diamond collection color