flok rewards are currently only available for in store shopping.

Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the type of world you want to live in.1 And when you shop small, you're supporting your local community -- your neighbors, local charities, hometown banks, creating jobs and allowing the place you live to have unique offerings.

In fact, if you spend $100 at a big-box chain store, only about $15 of it stays in our local economy. If that same $100 was spent at a locally-owned small business instead, about $45 of it would stay in our community -- that's 3 times as much!2

You may be shopping small, but you're doing BIG things by making that choice. And we can't tell you how grateful we are for that. To thank you, we've created a Kindred People club within the flok app. Through our app, you can get rewarded with discounts for shopping at Kindred People and you'll be the first to know about sales, events and exciting new arrivals.

Follow the steps below to get the Kindred People app on your phone.

(1) Quote: Anna Lappe; (2) Source: mindbodygreen.com


Kindred People flok appKindred People rewards on the flok app


1. Download the flok app

Go to your App or Play Store and search "flok." Select "get" to download the app.

Download the flok app | Kindred People


2. Sign up with Facebook or an email address

Once the download finishes, open the app and sign up with Facebook or your email address.

Download the flok app    Download the flok app


3. Turn on location services

Turn on location services to receive geo-targeted rewards. Remember to select "allow" when the popup appears. (Don't worry, flok won't drain your phone's battery life like other apps)

Turn on location services | flok | Kindred People    Allow location services | flok | Kindred People


4. Get notified about rewards

Select "get notified" and "ok" on the popup to be alerted when you have new rewards and discounts to use at Kindred People.

Get notified | flok | Kindred People    Allow flok to send your notifications | flok | Kindred People


5. Find our club

Select whether you're in our store or somewhere else. If you select "somewhere else," you'll be prompted with the "What do you like?" page. Go ahead and skip this step by selecting "skip" in the upper right corner. Flok will then search for clubs near you.

 Say where you are | flok | Kindred People    Skip this step | flok | Kindred People


6. Join the Kindred People club

The Kindred People club should pop up under "clubs near you." But if it doesn't, try searching for us in the search bar at the top. Once you find us, click on our name and join our club.

Join the Kindred People club | flok | Kindred People    Select join the Kindred People club | flok | Kindred People


7. Enter your birthday

You know we want to celebrate with you, so enter your birthday!

Download the flok app


8. Add our app to your home screen

Scroll to the bottom of our club and tap "add to home screen." Follow the on-screen instructions to put the Kindred People app right on your phone, so you'll always be able to find it when you need it.

Add the Kindred People app to  your home screen | flok | Kindred People    Directions to add the Kindred People app to your home screen | flok | Kindred People


Click add to home screen button | flok | Kindred People    Click add to put the Kindred People app on your home screen | flok | Kindred People


Woo! You did it!

Kindred People app | flok |


9. Open the app when you shop at Kindred People

When you come into the store, you'll be prompted to open the Kindred People app to discover if you have rewards or discounts waiting for you.

Our most basic reward is our punch card. For every $10 you spend, you get a punch. And after 20 punches, you'll receive a $10 reward to use on your next purchase at Kindred People.

Download the flok app    Download the flok app


10. Share the love!

If you like getting rewarded for shopping at Kindred People, we bet your friends will too. Share our app with them by scrolling to the bottom of our club and tapping "tell your friends." You can share it with them through a Tweet, Facebook post, text or email!

Share the Kindred People app with friends | flok | Kindred People    Tap share to share the Kindred People app with friends | flok


If you're need help getting flok set up, stop in to Kindred People any time. Our stylists will get you on the road to being rewarded! We're open 10am-6pm Monday-Saturday.

Thank you again for keeping your money closer, so our community can go further. ♥

flok rewards are currently only available for in store shopping.