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KP turns TWO. And we want to shower YOU with gifts! May 05, 2017 1 Comment

We are celebrating our second year of business and couldn't be more excited! We're so grateful and humbled by the support of our community and customers both near and far. You guys are the best! We want to make our second Birthday BASH one to remember, starting with our GRAND PRIZE giveaway. Check it out!

  • $150 Jennifer Guenther Photography gift card (Plus, the first 25 purchases get a free gift!)
  • $200 Kindred People gift card
  • $100 Ella's Salon Silver Spa Package (express manicure, spa pedicure + 30 minute massage) Plus, a $142 spa product basket!
  • $50 DJ's Tap House & Grill gift card

Get more details on the Birthday BASH here >>

After you WIN (or decide to schedule a family photo session anyway), here are some tips for your shoot from guest bloggers Jennifer Guenther of Jennifer Guenther Photography and Emily Regnier of Ella's Salon. We also added some style tips in there too. :)

Family photo session tips | Jennifer Guenther Photography

Thinking about scheduling a family photo session this year? If you weren’t before, you are now. :) NOW is the best time to get it scheduled. Don’t wait until your hair is the right length, or you loose a couple more pounds. While you're doing that…your kids grew two inches and gained five more freckles. What are you waiting for?! Those kids keep growing up... no matter hard we try to stop them.

I really do my best to make your session as painless as possible. Many of my clients find them to be fun, yes….I said FUN! (Hubbies and kids included) My goal is to show a laid back, realness in my photos. We do the posed stuff too, but once those are done, it is time to let your family’s personality shine. Some people are nervous about that. No worries! I will provide guidance to find the real you. I like to call them "scripted reality photo sessions." Maybe your family loves the lake…let’s play by the water. Or you love to explore out in nature….let’s do that! If you love time around the bonfire roasting marshmallows, or tickle fights, or baking a cake….let’s do all those things! Ok, maybe not all of them.... ;) but you get the idea. We can discuss what memories you're looking for, and how YOU want them captured.

Now, how to cherish these moments forever! Wall art? Or a story told in a keepsake album? Do you want to give these photos as gifts? These are all things I chat about with my clients. I put my heart and style into making these memories last no matter how you choose to display them in your home.

So I'm pretty sure you're convinced that you want a family, senior or baby photo session... you need that photo session -- so let’s book it! Not sure what to wear? Kelly and Marceia can expand on the clothing and accessory details, but I will say what works and looks the best is blending complimentary colors but not being down right "matchy-matchy."

A good place to start is with a pattern and take out some color hues from there. Also, you will want to consider where you will be displaying the photos. If the tones in your house are neutral, you can play with color in your clothing selections. But if you have a defined color scheme throughout your home, then neutral colored clothing or something that plays off of those colors will work great! 

For example, if you have blues and greens in your décor, you probably should rethink the rust colors you've picked out for your session. You may also want to stick with styles more on the classic side than trendy -- something that will stand the test of time. I'm sure you've seen those photos from 1987 where families all decided to wear "Gap" sweatshirts. Don't do that.... Really, don't. Yikes!

Let's quick talk "time of year." With the best weather Minnesota has to offer, it is the perfect time to book your family session. My summer is almost booked solid with a few remaining dates in the fall. I can’t wait to see my returning clients and I'm excited to meet new ones! You can see more of my work at



Hair + makeup tips | Ella's Salon

Although hair and makeup probably isn't the fist thing you think of after booking your photo session, (you're likely considering the location and trying to find outfits that will compliment) some pointers would still be nice right?? Let us help you out!

Let’s talk haircuts first. Unless you're like me, you probably do not want it to look like little Johnny's hair was just cut or Suzie’s bangs were just trimmed. To avoid that freshly cut look, schedule your hair appointment at least one week before your pictures. However, we recommend that guys have their necks freshly trimmed. This can be done as last minute as the day of your session! At Ella's, we offer a complimentary neck trim between haircuts. The last thing you want to see is a mini Chewbacca on his neck on that photo where you two are turned and looking at each other! Check those ears and the nose as well.

For color treated hair, it's a good idea to have this done one week prior to your photo session as well. This allows time for correction if something didn't turn out the way you wanted. As people who color their hair know, the last thing you want to see is visible root regrowth or color stains. By booking your appointment one week prior to your shoot, you won't have to worry this -- your color will be perfect!

Now that we have the timelines down, let's talk style! We recommend trying to stay true to your look. Picture time is not the time to try something new. If you're "married" to your hair stylist and love what he or she does, go do your regular thing!  If you don't have one that you regularly see, don't be afraid to bring pictures of what you like and don’t like with you. In fact, we love it when you do! It helps us get a better idea of what you are looking for. Our goal is to give you the look you want! (As long as it's realistic -- sorry dark brunettes.. platinum blonde and the new grey trend may not be workable for you. Always keep the integrity of your hair in mind!)

Ok now that your (and your family's) hair is on point, some quick makeup tips! If you want a flawless look or need a little help in the makeup department because you have trouble contouring or can't seem to get your eyeliner right, schedule makeup application for the day of your session!

Makeup can be a little scary if you're unfamiliar or not used to wearing much of it. So if you decide to schedule an application, make sure you tell your artist what you usually wear -- even bring in a photo of yourself on a regular day! Let us know what you're comfortable with.


If having someone else apply your makeup on the day of your photo session is too far out of your comfort zone (you might love your look and not be trusting enough to put it in a professional's hands for your family's big day -- that's ok!) here are some makeup tips from one of our professional makeup artists, Samantha Anderson, to help you out.

  • To give your makeup that “selfie” glow, use a highlighter down the center of your nose, on the “cupids bow” of your top lip and the center of your chin.
  • To achieve a more natural makeup look, apply blush before your foundation. Same goes for any contouring you do.
  • Choose a bold eye or a bold lip. NOT both! The last thing you want is to look like Mimi from the Drew Carey Show.
  • Did you know you can create a smokey eye without using greys and blacks? Those cool tones can show up looking a bruise or bring out dark circles and visible lines in photos. Instead, give dark browns or warm deep purples a try.
  • Always start with a primer before you apply any makeup. It will reduce the visibility of pores and fine lines so you'll need less makeup and will keep you from getting the “cakey” look!
  • It is SO important that your foundation is the right color match for your skin tone. To make sure, test a small spot on your collar bone. If it blends well into your neck and decollete (aka upper chest) area, you're golden!
  • Don't be afraid to do a test run a few days prior to your session -- or maybe even a couple of times!

We hope these tips reduce some of the stress leading up to the day of your photo session. But remember, these photos are a celebration of your family and what you all have together -- have fun with it!



Clothing + accessory style tips | Kindred People

Family photos are SO much fun! The story they tell of your family starting out as just the two of you and growing to multiple little ones and up through the different stages of life is priceless -- don't miss out on capturing that!  

At Kindred People, we have A LOT of women come in looking for help and styling advice on how to coordinating their family's outfits. First things first, you're a family -- not toddler twin sisters, so there's no need to be too "matchy-matchy" (just as Jen mentioned earlier). Your outfits should coordinate, not match. Honestly, you all get lost in each other if your outfits are too much alike. 

Recently, we styled my sister's engagement photos for one of Jen's shoots. We stayed true to their relaxed, casual style but also put a little more thought into their outfits than they do on a regular day.

We considered the scenery where the shoot would take place and chose colors that would compliment each other but were not the same. Planning outfits this way shows how each person is unique and one-of-a-kind but when put next to each other, you make for an adorable family that fits together!

And of course, we decided to do something a little outside of the box to show them in a setting where their hearts are content -- at the lake with craft brews!

When it comes to accessories, there are two ways to go about it. If you want them be a "feature" in your outfit, you should go with larger statement necklaces, earrings or bracelets -- but not all three! (Otherwise you'll get that "gotty," overdone look) The second route is if you want to keep things simple. We can help you pick out minimalist jewelry that will highlight your outfit and give it that little extra "pop" that accessories were made for.

Whatever type of photo session you may be planning, we can help you pick an outfit that will coordinate with you family's and show your true personality and style. We want you to love your photos for a lifetime!


Kelly + Marceia

Check out more photos from our fun birthday shoot with Jennifer Guenther Photography, Ella's Salon and DJ's Tap House & Grill! We hope to see you at our Birthday BASH on Saturday, May 6th. :)

Get more details on the Birthday BASH here >>  

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Series 3 of 3: Top 10 stocking stuffers December 16, 2016

1. Popsockets

Popsockets are a new tech invention and we think it's genius! Pick your favorite design and stick it to the back of your phone. Pull on the Popsocket to extend it and you now have more stability while holding your phone, the ability to take photos at better angles, the perfect kickstand AND something to wrap you headphones around.

Purchase a Popclip to go with it for mounting your phone in your car!

2. Mini perfume collection

Illume has two mini gift set perfume collections. If she finds a set she loves, we have larger roller perfumes too!

Buy it online --> fragrance collection

3. Multi-wear headband

These cute printed headbands can be worn three different ways! They're handmade in Minneapolis and great for the gym, as fashion accessory or for a little help with a bad hair day. ;)

4. Mittens

Can anyone really have TOO many mittens? We didn't think so. 

5. Bittersweet Bracelet

The Bittersweet Bracelet is one of our all time favorite fashion accessories. Why? Because it's also functional! The silver, gold or rose gold bracelets hold the hair tie she usually has on her wrist. It dresses it up AND prevents the hair tie from cutting into her skin. She can also change up the color of the hair tie to get a different look.

If your girl is sporty, check out the new athleisure style!

Buy it online --> Bittersweet Bracelet

6. Funky socks

Socks like these make cuddling up to a winter fireplace so much sweeter.

7. Handmade leather cuff bracelet

These are perfect for both guys and girls. We have cuffs that are colored, braided, double strapped, triple strapped, thick, thin, you name it. Plus, they're adjustable!

8. Ceramic candles

These are new to KP and quickly becoming a favorite. We're in love with ALL of the scents and the little ceramic bowls make for cute home decor once your candle is finished!

Buy it online --> dylan ceramic candle

9. Chakra necklaces

Shopping for someone who loves yoga or is into the body's energy flow? These chakra necklaces are a must. Each comes on a card that describes the chakra.

Buy it online --> chakra necklace

10. Bralettes

Say goodbye to annoying, boring bra straps peeking through and hello to pretty lace accents for her open back sweaters, tees and tanks!

Looking for more stocking stuffers and holiday gifts? Take a look at our Top 10 gifts for her and Top 10 gifts for him blog posts, visit us at our shop in Alexandria or online at!




Series 2 of 3: Top 10 gifts for him December 13, 2016

Holiday shopping should be a fun and easy experience! Don't dread or worry about what to get for those you love. Our stylists have weighed in on their top 10 Christmas gift picks for "him" in 2016.

1. A little TLC for our bearded guys

This oil is a MUST for all of our bearded friends! Filled with all natural oils that work to deep condition the beard leaving it soft, smooth, manageable and smelling great! Plus, it nourishes the skin underneath the beard to prevent dryness and irritation.

Buy it online --> Raw. BEARD OIL 

2. Cracking open his favorite Minnesota crafted beers

Made locally here in Alexandria by the MN Elevator Craft Co., these wood burned bottle openers are perfect for hanging next to the garage fridge or slipping in his back pocket.

3. Snapbacks

We can hardly keep our Minnesota snapbacks in stock, so you best snatch one up now if you wish to put it under the tree!

Buy it online --> Minnesota snapbacks

4. Pint glasses for "cheersing" at the NYE party

Both of these pint glasses are designed locally in Minneapolis. Supporting local and enjoying a refreshing drink at the same time? You don't have to tell us twice!

Buy it online --> Minnesota pint glasses

5. A new favorite hoodie

These hoodies along with the rest of the Ten Thousand Shirts line certainly makes Moorhead, MN proud. We think their goal of spreading positive Minnesota vibes around the world is one of the greatest Christmas gifts money can buy.

Buy it online --> Minnesota nice hoodie

6. His own bkr so he'll stop stealing yours

Take your bkr back by buying him his own! These glass water bottles with a silicon sleeve are loved by all who own one.....and some who don't! You'll now find more "male-friendly" colors in stock.

Buy it online --> bkr water bottle

7. Something to carry his favorite brews to the holiday party

These beer caddies, also crafted by the MN Elevator Craft Co., are great for carrying a six pack anywhere -- to a party, on the boat, to the cabin, etc. They also make really cute center pieces for your table. Just stick two mason jars on the inside and add some flowers!

8. For our guys who appreciate a good sense of humor

The "hey babe" tee is part of Minnesota Awesome's collection and it's a top seller at KP. Designed in St. Paul with a unique spin on Babe the Blue Ox, this tee is sure to bring a smile to his face.

Buy it online --> hey babe tee

9. Keep his ears warm this winter

Snowta is a new artisan line at KP that we're hooked on! Look for their snapbacks too.

Buy it online --> snowta stocking hat

10. The nordic compass tee

Designed locally in Alexandria, the Du Nord Clothing line inspires adventure. If he's a traveler, explorer or just really likes pocket tees, this tee is a win-win!

Choose one of these gifts or let them decide with a gift card. And remember, you can "worry-free" holiday shop at Kindred People with our extended holiday gift return policy!

Shopping for stocking stuffers? Look for our next blog post!

Series 1 of 3: Top 10 gifts for her December 08, 2016

Holiday shopping should be a fun and easy experience! Don't dread or worry about what to get for those you love. Our stylists have weighed in on their top 10 Christmas gift picks for "her" in 2016.

1. Colored crossbody clutch

These little handbags are the perfect size to carry everything she needs without the bulk of a large tote or shoulder bag. They easily transform from a clutch to a wristlet, crossbody, or shoulder bag with the hidden straps inside. Choose her favorite color or play it safe with neutrals!

Buy it online --> mini crossbody clutch

Colored crossbody clutch

2. Hydration that's also pretty

The latest fashion and beauty accessory is the bkr water bottle. It comes in three sizes and an abundance of colors. Its glass bottle and pretty silicone sleeve will make her happy about staying hydrated. You'll never see her without it!

Buy it online --> bkr water bottle

bkr water bottles

3. A little Minnesota love in her morning coffee

The new Live & Love Minnesota mugs are a Kindred People favorite! They're designed by a local Minneapolis blogger, so she'll feel good about supporting local and of course, drinking out of a cute mug every morning. There will only be good days starting out this way and she'll have you to thank for it!

Buy it online --> Live & Love MN mug

Live and Love MN coffee mug

4. Heart warming scents in adorable holiday home decor

Illume Candles are new to KP and we're already in love! Their scents are amazing and their vessels make the cutest home decor. We love the shiny metals for holiday. These candles have an extra long burn time so the enjoyment will last.

Buy it online --> Illume candles

Illume Candles Chantelle Moss

5. The gift of younger, more radiant looking skin

We don't know anyone who doesn't want beautiful skin. Do you? The newly launched Raw. Products facial skin care line has us addicted! We've personally used all of the products in the system and have seen results in just three days! Smaller pores, softer, more radiant looking skin and improvements in wrinkles.

The Raw. facial skincare system is all natural, handmade and designed by Dr. Haabala from the best ingredients nature as to offer. From flower, to bottle to transforming your skin! The system works together by:

  • Cleansing
  • Detoxifying
  • Deep moisturizing
  • Decreasing inflammation and redness
  • Supporting the natural growth of healthier, younger looking skin cells

The complete Raw. facial skincare system includes:

  • Raw. CLEANSE foaming facial care
  • Raw. TONE facial toner
  • Raw. SOOTHE body and face lotion
  • Raw. GLOW facial exfoliant
  • Raw. RENEW anti-aging serum
  • Raw. HEAL body balm

Buy it online --> Raw. facial skincare system

Raw Products facial skin care collection

6. A proud and cozy hoodie

This new hoodie designed by local Alexandria photographer Missy Jones is hard to keep on the shelf! It's the perfect cozy cabin hoodie and a must have for all Minnesota girls in our book.

Buy it online --> Minn hoodie

Minn Hoodie Navy

7. Perfume that goes everywhere she does

These demi roller perfumes by Illume come in two collections: Go Be Lovely and Momentary Escape. Both have amazing scents and come in the cutest packaging that we promise she'll love! From floral to fresh to earthy -- there's definitely a scent for her.

Buy it online --> demi perfume

Illume perfume rollers momentary escape collection

8. New booties

The most popular shoes for this fall and winter are ankle booties. If your girl is trendy, she'll love a pair that shows a little ankle!

Buy it online --> booties

Qupid booties

9. The R&R kit

If she's a busy mom or always on the go, now is the perfect time to treat her to a little rest and relaxation. Our handmade, natural skin care products are sure to soothe and ease. Giving her a little "me time" will go along way in showing how much you appreciate all she does.

Buy it online --> beauty and skin care

Natural Happiness Skincare whipped body butter lotion Farmhouse goods soap Raw Products bath salts

10. The gift of shopping

If she's tough to buy for, or just REALLY loves to shop (who doesn't, right!?), you can't go wrong with a gift card to Kindred People. :)

Kindred People gift card

Choose one of these gifts or let our stylists help you pick the perfect outfit for her this holiday season. We promise it will be a fun and easy experience! And remember, you can "worry-free" holiday shop at Kindred People with our extended holiday gift return policy!

Shopping for stocking stuffers or for "him?" Look for our next two blog posts!


How to style your Free People trapeze slip for fall September 26, 2016

The Free People trapeze slip was high on our list of favorites for summer 2016. But it doesn't have to disappear into the back of your closet along with your strappy wedge sandals and ripped denim shorts. 

The best fashion pieces travel through all four seasons with you -- and the trapeze slip is one of them.

Free People trapeze slip white Free People trapeze slip white

Photo (right): Bryce Miller


Fall style ideas for your Free People trapeze slip: 

Throw on your favorite flannel or denim jacket.

Free People trapeze slip with flannel

Add a cozy sweater over the top. (Crop sweaters work too!)

Free People trapeze slip with sweater 

Stay warm with a duster or cardigan.

Free People trapeze slip with sweater cardigan

Any of these styles pair great with skinny jeans and booties or combat boots. Have more style ideas for the trapeze slip this fall? Share below in the comments or tag a photo with #kindredpeople!




Bohemian & beach vibes: summer 2016 style you'll love July 22, 2016

From stepping outside just to feel the sunshine on your face to exploring new and exciting places on spur-of-the moment road trips, this summer is all about living free and in the moment! And we've chosen pieces that reflect the lifestyle for our summer 2016 collection.

Recently, we had the opportunity to join Amy Winter Photography for a photo shoot of our favorite summer styles. We had a BLAST! Amy & Karina (of Meco7) created an eclectic boho scene in the woods, we cruised around in a vintage Volkswagen Bug and ended the night with banjo music and a bottle of wine on the beach.

Take an inside look at this behind-the-scenes video created by Bryce Miller. He captured the night perfectly!

Videography: Bryce Miller

As you can see, we had tons of fun and the photos turned out AMAZING!

bohemian, eclectic summer style | Kindred People | Photo: Amy Winter Photography

Hailey Kneprath in Free People and Black Sheep Jewelry  | Kindred People | Photo: Amy Winter Photography

Krista Gosseling in Wishlist Apparel and Black Sheep Jewelry | Kindred People | Photo: Amy Winter Photography

Megan Chisholm in Timing and Panache Accessories | Kindred People | Photo: Amy Winter Photography

Danika Guenther in JACK | Kindred People | Photo: Amy Winter Photography

Kelsey Bennett in Kori America, Black Sheep Jewelry and Mellow World | Kindred People | Photo: Amy Winter Photography

American Flag Hailey Kneprath in Free People and Black Sheep Jewelry | Kindred People | Photo: Amy Winter Photography

American flat out of a vintage bug | Kindred People | Photo: Amy Winter Photography

beach party | Kindred People | Photo: Amy Winter Photography

Minnesota wine glasses | Kindred People | Photo: Amy Winter Photography

Sparklers | Kindred People | Photo: Amy Winter Photography

Summer style | Kindred People | Photo: Amy Winter Photography

Photo shoot design & set up: Amy Winter Photography & Meco7
Head pieces: Uptown Florist 
Photography: Amy Winter Photography

Love these free-spirited looks for summer? See more of our photo shoot with Amy at our store and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see new arrivals! 




10 fashion trends you'll see and love in spring 2016 February 10, 2016

One of our favorite things to do at fashion markets (besides shopping of course) is to scope out new trends for the upcoming seasons. This spring we spent time in Texas at the Dallas Apparel and Accessories Market.

As we visited several vendors and went through many racks, these 10 trends inspired the pieces we chose. We can hardly wait for styles like these to arrive at Kindred People so we can get creative in style our spring and summer collection!

Kindred People at Dallas Market Center  Dallas Market Center


1. Muted colors

Kindred People Mystree line - muted colors


2. Lace up fronts

lace up front dress


3. Bralettes as accessories

bralettes as an accessory - dreaming out loud   Kindred People Free People bralette

Photo: Hailey Kneprath @dreaming_outloud; @freepeopleshowroom


4. Mixed prints and patterns

mixed patterns and prints Angie Clothing

Photo: @angieclothes & @creations_boutique


5. Dip dye

 dip dye fashion trend


6. Distressed chambrays

distressed chambray



7. Creative fringe

fringe shoes  fringe purse

Photo: Spool No.72;


8. Heeled booties with an open toe

Nicole Shoes Talluah - open toed bootie trend

Photo: @nicoleshoesofficial


9. Mixing and matching shades of denim

mixed denim

Photo: AYR


10. Tusks and tassels

black sheep jewelry tusk necklace  tassel necklace

Photo: Black Sheep Jewelry; Turquoise & Teale


Shop these trends and more at this spring! 




How to save money at Kindred People with the flok app January 14, 2016

flok rewards are currently only available for in store shopping.

Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the type of world you want to live in.1 And when you shop small, you're supporting your local community -- your neighbors, local charities, hometown banks, creating jobs and allowing the place you live to have unique offerings.

In fact, if you spend $100 at a big-box chain store, only about $15 of it stays in our local economy. If that same $100 was spent at a locally-owned small business instead, about $45 of it would stay in our community -- that's 3 times as much!2

You may be shopping small, but you're doing BIG things by making that choice. And we can't tell you how grateful we are for that. To thank you, we've created a Kindred People club within the flok app. Through our app, you can get rewarded with discounts for shopping at Kindred People and you'll be the first to know about sales, events and exciting new arrivals.

Follow the steps below to get the Kindred People app on your phone.

(1) Quote: Anna Lappe; (2) Source:


Kindred People flok appKindred People rewards on the flok app


1. Download the flok app

Go to your App or Play Store and search "flok." Select "get" to download the app.

Download the flok app | Kindred People


2. Sign up with Facebook or an email address

Once the download finishes, open the app and sign up with Facebook or your email address.

Download the flok app    Download the flok app


3. Turn on location services

Turn on location services to receive geo-targeted rewards. Remember to select "allow" when the popup appears. (Don't worry, flok won't drain your phone's battery life like other apps)

Turn on location services | flok | Kindred People    Allow location services | flok | Kindred People


4. Get notified about rewards

Select "get notified" and "ok" on the popup to be alerted when you have new rewards and discounts to use at Kindred People.

Get notified | flok | Kindred People    Allow flok to send your notifications | flok | Kindred People


5. Find our club

Select whether you're in our store or somewhere else. If you select "somewhere else," you'll be prompted with the "What do you like?" page. Go ahead and skip this step by selecting "skip" in the upper right corner. Flok will then search for clubs near you.

 Say where you are | flok | Kindred People    Skip this step | flok | Kindred People


6. Join the Kindred People club

The Kindred People club should pop up under "clubs near you." But if it doesn't, try searching for us in the search bar at the top. Once you find us, click on our name and join our club.

Join the Kindred People club | flok | Kindred People    Select join the Kindred People club | flok | Kindred People


7. Enter your birthday

You know we want to celebrate with you, so enter your birthday!

Download the flok app


8. Add our app to your home screen

Scroll to the bottom of our club and tap "add to home screen." Follow the on-screen instructions to put the Kindred People app right on your phone, so you'll always be able to find it when you need it.

Add the Kindred People app to  your home screen | flok | Kindred People    Directions to add the Kindred People app to your home screen | flok | Kindred People


Click add to home screen button | flok | Kindred People    Click add to put the Kindred People app on your home screen | flok | Kindred People


Woo! You did it!

Kindred People app | flok |


9. Open the app when you shop at Kindred People

When you come into the store, you'll be prompted to open the Kindred People app to discover if you have rewards or discounts waiting for you.

Our most basic reward is our punch card. For every $10 you spend, you get a punch. And after 20 punches, you'll receive a $10 reward to use on your next purchase at Kindred People.

Download the flok app    Download the flok app


10. Share the love!

If you like getting rewarded for shopping at Kindred People, we bet your friends will too. Share our app with them by scrolling to the bottom of our club and tapping "tell your friends." You can share it with them through a Tweet, Facebook post, text or email!

Share the Kindred People app with friends | flok | Kindred People    Tap share to share the Kindred People app with friends | flok


If you're need help getting flok set up, stop in to Kindred People any time. Our stylists will get you on the road to being rewarded! We're open 10am-6pm Monday-Saturday.

Thank you again for keeping your money closer, so our community can go further. ♥

flok rewards are currently only available for in store shopping.





New year, new YOU giveaway! January 01, 2016

This giveaway has ended.

Congratulations to our winner SONYA!!

new year new you giveaway winner | Kindred People


Happy New Year! ...and *SURPRISE*

There is an endless list of New Year's resolutions. Yours might be spending more time with your family, trying new things, traveling more or learning a new language. Whatever it may be, we know achieving your goals in 2016 will be so much sweeter if you're the happiest, healthiest version of YOU!

To help you take advantage of all of the new possibilities 2016 will bring, we've teamed up with Vital Fit Club, Salon Alexis and L.E.A.N. By Drea to bring you this amazing giveaway!

New year, new you giveaway | Kindred People | Alexandria, MN 

GRAND PRIZE -- over a $400 value!

  • $100 Kindred People gift card

  • One month Vital Fit Club membership + a 60 minute massage

  • $100 Salon Alexis gift card

  • L.E.A.N. By Drea winter cleanse package


Enter to *WIN* >>

You can also enter at any or all of the following in-store locations for 1 entry: Kindred People, Vital Fit Club or Salon Alexis.



7 reasons to fall in love with KUT denim December 28, 2015

7 reasons to fall in love with KUT denim | Kindred People

If you haven't tried on a pair of Kut from the Kloth jeans, you NEED to. It's often that we hear, "Where have these been all my life?" and we're not surprised! These jeans will change the way you think about denim.


1. KUT understands women's bodies.

When trying on a pair of KUT jeans, you'll quickly discover that they're made for women, not juniors. KUT gets that women have hips, curves, thighs & booties - and KUT jeans accentuate their attributes and hide their flaws.

KUT denim have a slightly higher rise in the back compared to other brands, making them "bend-over safe!" We know, this is the best news you've heard since the top knot became a fashion trend. We're right there with you (goodbye every-day hair washing, hello dry shampoo)!

Our stock of KUT denim starts at size 0. But if you have a petite frame, our Flying Monkey denim might fit better!




2. Comfortable stretch that never bags out.

The humiliating "pants dance" that you secretly do in the bathroom to get your favorite pair of skinnies on is a thing of the past! KUT denim have a unique stretch that comfortably hugs (but doesn't squish) your curves.

And the best part? You'll never have to worry about the dreaded 3:00 p.m. "saggy butt" problem either, because you can wear these jeans multiple times without needing to run them through washer & dryer to restore their shape.


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3. There's a "KUT" for every body type/style preference.

  • Diana skinny. This is our best selling "KUT." Ifits slim through the thigh and has a more relaxed fit through the calf and ankle.
  • Mia skinny. This pant fits slim all over, tucking perfectly into your fall and winter boots!
  • Catherine boyfriend. The catherine is classic, slim fitting boyfriend jean. They're comfy, cool and timeless. What we love most? These jeans are technically a 2-for-1 because they roll down into a straight leg pant.


    4. Find a wash/color for any taste.

    Kut from the Kloth consistently comes out with new washes, distressing, fabrics, patterns and colors. Wether you rock a classic or trendy style (or maybe a little bit of both), KUT's collection will always provide a fresh addition.

    KUT laugh mia skinny | Kindred People KUT diana skinny | Kindred People KUT authenticity catherine boyfriend | Kindred People KUT approve mia skinny | Kindred People

    Photo: Hailey Marie Photography 


    5. A price of quality that won't break the bank.

    We know what you're thinking, with all of these amazing "denim life-changing" features, these jeans must cost a fortune. Not so! All of our KUT denim retails under $100, so you can afford to buy a cute top to go with those new pants. ;)

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    6. An extra boost of confidence.

    Did we mention that most women go down a size or even two sizes in KUT denim!? That's right, a size smaller than you normally wear never felt or looked so good.

    Our stock of KUT denim starts at size 0. But if you have a petite frame, our Flying Monkey denim might fit better!

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    7. Dress pants too? Bonus!

    KUT denim is so beloved by the women who wear them -- most want to wear them all the time (once you try them, you'll understand).

    Unfortunately, formal work settings and special occasions don't always allow for denim. So geniusly, Kut from the Kloth came out with ponte fabric dress pants in their most popular "KUTs" -- the diana and mia skinnies. 

    KUT diana skinny trouser | Kindred People KUT mia skinny trouser | Kindred People

    Photo: Hailey Marie Photography


    Because not all denim are "KUT" equal, shop Kut from the Kloth jeans.


    The complete holiday gift guide: every 'him' & 'her' on your list December 18, 2015

    The complete holiday gift guide: him & her

    'Tis the season for gift giving. Most would agree, it's the most wonderful time of the year! But sometimes finding gifts that the ones on your list will LOVE can be a bit stressful. To make this holiday season a blissful one, we've handpicked gifts for every 'him' and 'her' that could be on your list.

    Follow this gift guide to hear them say, "I LOVE it!" and "Where did you get this? It's so cute!" and "This is perfect. It will go with everything!" when they open their presents this year.


    1. The trendsetter

    She marches to the beat of her own drum and is the first to give the latest trend a try. A piece from our boho-chic Taylor Made jewelry collection is the perfect fit. This line takes inspiration from free-spirited bohemian styles and refines it with a modern simplicity for everyday wear.

    Taylor Made jewelry consists of complimentary pieces that work great for the trendy 'layered necklace' look and they're all handmade right here in Alexandria.

    Taylor Made jewelry collection Taylor Made jewelry collection Taylor Made jewelry collection


    And for your dapper guy, there's nothing more fitting than a AENDEE bow tie handmade in Fargo from reclaimed button down shirts.

    AENDEE mens bow ties

    Photo: AENDEE


    2. The traveler

    It's true, not all who wander are lost. Although free-spirited and constantly seeking adventure, our wanderlusts like to be reminded that home is always waiting for them when they return. And our Minnesota jewelry collection from Larissa Loden will do just that.

    Minnesota ring Larissa Loden Minnesota necklaces

    Other picks: streamline their travel experience with handy accessories -- Rilos & Mimi organizer pouch, lip butter, lotion tin, cross body-clutch handbag, HEAL body balm tin


    3. The coffee lover

    There is no such thing as too many coffee mugs for this one. Add a locally designed state-pride cup to their collection. Or, go with something a little more fun + sassy with our "but first, coffee" tank!

    Sota Clothing coffee mug but first, coffee tank

    Other picks: holiday sleep tee, Minnesota wine glasses


    4. The beer enthusiast

    Breweries and craft beer are the trendiest thing since fro-yo and cupcake shops showed up on every corner. Help your beer guru (or appreciator) drink up in style with Sota Clothing pint glasses and/or a Minnesota bottle opener. Don't forget to keep it cool by throwing in a koozie!

     Sota Clothing pint glass Minnesota bottle opener

    Photo: Sota Clothing + 14 Gauge

    Other picks: Minnesota wine glasses, Paul Bunyan tee, hey babe tee, beard oil


    5. The workaholic/super mom

    It's obvious that this person could use a little pampering. Epsom salts, body lotions, bath scrubs, candles -- you name it and our two locally made skin care lines have it! It's likely that all she wants for Christmas is a serene hour or two to herself. "Me time" bath salts from Raw. Products or Natural Happiness Skin Care's candy cane crush bath soak should do the trick!

    Raw bath salts Candy Cane Crush Bath Soak

    If your busy bee is so 'on-the-go' that relaxation almost stresses them out, go with a reversible tote bag. It's the perfect size to hold their laptop, notes and other work/mommy essentials.


    6. The sporty girl

    Bittersweet Bracelet is the ultimate gift for the active one on your list. It's a bracelet that holds a hair tie! Nothing short of genius, this bracelet brings fashion and function together in one piece. First, the bracelet dresses up the 'not-so-fashionable' hair tie she constantly wears on her wrist. Second, it holds the hair tie away from her skin, preventing painful indents and reduced circulation. 

    The Bittersweet Bracelet is also ideal for any fashionista with long enough hair for an up-do.

    Bittersweet Bracelet Bittersweet Bracelet

    Photo: Bittersweet Bracelet by Maria Shireen

    Other picks: Minnesota sweatshirt, beanie, Sota Clothing water bottle, SPANX leggings, KITSCH hair ties, stag necklace, flannel, Alexandria Cardinals scarf


    7. The artist

    A handmade artisan gift is perfect for the crafty one on your list. Being an artist or a DIY-er themselves, they'll appreciate the time, talent and love that goes into these pieces. Some of our favorite handcrafted gifts include handwoven pine needle baskets by Park Rapids native Becky Clark or a Jodi Lynn Burton doodle of their favorite hobby.

    handwoven pine needle baskets Jodi Lynn Burton doodles

    Other picks: JT Maui jewelry (made with Minnesota stones right here in Alexandria)


    8. The tween

    Too old for toys but not quite old enough for womens or mens fashion clothing makes this one a toughie. Our picks include a KITSCH jewelry set or funky hair ties, a stocking cap or a scarf.

    KITSCH jewelry and hair ties Cozy beanie

    Photo: Northernly

    Other picks: Minnesota necklace, Minnesota snapback hat, Birchpeel leather cuff


    9. The transplant bestie 

    Who's this you say? That friend who "jumped ship" to escape Minnesota's icy winter temps after high school or college. Let's just send them a little reminder of what they're missing out on... a little love from home.

    Send a t-shirt, sweatshirt, necklace, bottle opener, beanie, snapback, coffee mug, pint glass or wine glass. We're pretty proud to be Minnesotan and deep down, they still are too. :)

    State pride clothing State pride clothing 

    Photo: Hailey Marie Photography + Sota Clothing


    10. The helper

    You know the saying,"It takes a village." We all have people that help us every day, all year-long and you might want to send a little 'thank you' their way this time of year to let them know they're appreciated.

    Gift cards, picture frames, candles and socks are our top gift picks for teachers, daycare providers, coworkers, neighbors, carpool crews, hair stylists, etc.

    Cheers soy candle and lowball glass Happy Socks

    Other picks: Birchpeel leather cuff, holiday sleep tee, Sota Clothing coffee mugs, Minnesota wine glasses, skin care, scarf


    11. The gift exchanger

    Everyone has one of these on their list. The person that's extremely hard to buy for. We recommend going with a gift card on this one. And don't worry, this person is not the type to see this as impersonal or lazy. They'll likely be thrilled to get the gift of shopping!

    If giving a gift card rubs your holiday cheer the wrong way, tuck it in one of our locally made greeting cards with a handwritten note to add a personal touch.

    Kindred People gift card greeting cards

    Don't forget about the stockings!

    See our top 20 picks to stuff those stockings with great gifts this year >>

    *Gifts without links can be found in store >> Call to order: 320.219.7880

    How to dress up your casual outfit for work or a night out December 10, 2015

    We all have those mornings when the alarm goes off and you would give just about anything to stay in the warmth and comfort of your PJs all day. Unfortunately, that won't pay the bills. BUT, we have a solution.

    Here's what to do: Start with a comfy-casual outfit that you wish you could wear.


    Step 1: Add a fancy necklace.

    via GIPHY

    A casual top (flannel, crew neck sweatshirt, even a t-shirt) + fancy jewelry is a really fun trend we've been seeing lately. Bonus! It also allows you to wear your favorite jewelry pieces without needing a special event to attend.

    Shop jewelry -->


    Step 2: Throw on a fur vest, blazer or jacket. 

    via GIPHY

    We know you've been looking for ways to get the most out of that fur vest in your closet, and this is the perfect opportunity. (They also look great thrown on over dresses, long sleeves & turtlenecks!) Adding a vest, blazer or jacket is a one-step piece to turning your outfit chic.

    Shop outerwear -->


    Step 3: Put on a pair of heels, ankle boots or riding boots.

    via GIPHY

    We vote whichever is most comfortable for you (they'll all look adorable). If you work in a more formal setting, go for the heels or a heeled ankle boot.

    Shop shoes -->


    Step 4: Add some bright lipstick.

    via GIPHY

    This last step is key. Lipstick brightens up your face and for some reason makes us all feel a little 'extra' spectacular. Whether you realize it or not, it shows! If you're not a "red lip" kind of girl, try a berry tint. This color is more universally flattering and compliments a wider range of skin tones.


    Voilà! Now you can feel comfy + cozy all day AND look dressy enough for work, a girls' lunch/shopping date or a night out.


    This tip also works great for the vacationer trying to pack a week's worth of outfits in a carry-on suitcase. We know...the struggle is real, but this will help!

    Love this look? Browse our Instagram for more outfit ideas.