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What sizes does Kindred People carry?

Most of the clothing lines we sell come in a size run of small-large. There are a few that run from xsmall-xlarge, so we try to scoop those up whenever we can. We also carry xsmall-xlarge (unisex sizing) in the majority of our Minnesota t-shirt and sweatshirt lines.

Why doesn't Kindred People carry smaller/larger sizes?

We do our best to accommodate a variety of sizes by searching for lines that provide more options. However, the majority of clothing lines that are a good fit for our store have a size run of small-large and do not offer the option to tack on an xsmall or xlarge. Our hope is that someday we'll be able to support a large enough inventory to carry both standard and plus sizes.

If an item or my size is sold out, will it come back in stock?

It really depends. We try to keep reorders to a minimum to keep our fashion clothing fresh and unique, and so that you don't feel like you're running into people wearing the same thing as you everywhere you turn. Things that we are more likely to reorder are jeans, flannels, denim shirts or jackets, Minnesota t-shirts and sweatshirts, leggings and solid cardigans.

If you fell in love with something you saw on our site and are just dying to know if you'll be able to put it in your closet, shoot us an email at We'll be able to tell you at the very least, if we have it on order.

If an item or my size is sold out, can I special order it?

Most of the time, this is not an option because we purchase styles in pre-packs of six (2 smalls, 2 mediums, 2 larges). Unfortunately, this means we cannot order just the one size that you're looking for.

Occasionally, there are instances when clothing lines have "re-stock programs." Meaning we can order a specific size of certain styles without a minimum order requirement. Currently, there are two lines in our store that have re-stock programs -- KUT Denim and Madeline Girl shoes. If you have questions on whether a certain item from these lines are included in the re-stock program, email us at 

I thought Kindred People carried Spanx, but I don't see them online. Why?

Currently, Spanx does not authorize specialty stores to sell their products online, which will be changing soon. If you can't wait to get your hands on some of these amazing leggings and tights, give us a call at 320.219.7880 and we'll work with you to let you know what we have available. Don't worry, we can still ship them to you if you call!

Are all items sold at Kindred People available online?

No - some items will be exclusive to our brick and mortar location in Alexandria, MN. 

Why don't I see more jewelry, handbags and other accessories on Kindred People's online store?

Right now our online accessories selection is limited due to quick turnover and limited stock. We'll be working hard to get more of these goodies available for you online in the near future.

What is Kindred People's return policy?

Head over here for the full policy --> returns/exchanges


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